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Our Content Management System (CMS)

For those clients that insist on making changes to their pages themselves, we offer our professional content management system(CMS) which can be installed on any account. If you are familiar with Microsoft Office, Word Perfect (yes it's still in use) or Note Pad/Word Pad, you already have the knowledge to make changes with our system.

Top 5 Features

  1. Fully Responsive Design - Edit from the comfort of your desktop or make changes on the go with your tablet or phone. Our system works great on any device. You don’t have to download an app. Just open your browser and start editing!
  2. Track Your Changes - See what’s been published in the activity section. Sort by website, webpage, or user. No more wondering what happened. Now you know who published what and when. Need to revert to a previous version? No problem. Our system keeps a copy of all revisions for six months so you can go back to an older version with a couple clicks.
  3. Full-featured File Manager - See what’s on your web server. Upload files, create folders, rename, and delete them. No need for an FTP client. It’s all built into our system.
  4. Built-in Google Analytics Dashboard - Connect your Google Analytics account and give your clients access to important visitor data. No more bloated, confusing analytics panels. We give you exactly what you need to see in an easy-to-use dashboard. View over 20 simplified reports for any date range, many with interactive charts that make understanding analytics data easy. Best of all: you never have to leave the CMS.
  5. It's Affordable! - Simply select this as an option, we'll set it up for you and provide 30 minutes of online training to get you up and running. There is a small monthly fee to use this system.

If a CMS is your choice, we can setup a demo to see if you won't be intimidated by it. Call us for your free initial consultation from 8a-6p Monday to Friday 478-922-8979.


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