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No Charge Error Corrections

There is never a charge to correct any error you may have with your website. Our support is extremely simple, no forms to fill out, just email us directly at and we will answer your request within 1-24 hours. If this is an emergency(site down), or if you have one of our new maintenance plans, call us directly at 478-922-8979.

The following issues are not covered with our "No Charge" error correction program. They require a troubleshooting fee of $30 to review and solve/recommend solution.

  1. Social media accounts
  2. Gmail accounts
  3. Outside affiliations

We've Created A Blog Page Listing The Recently Solved Issues.

A). PERSONAL/BUSINESS EMAIL SETTINGS. If you are using a "IMAP" email application, the basic settings are: * Incoming mail server (IMAP) -
* Outgoing mail server (SMTP) -

B). PERSONAL/BUSINESS EMAIL SETTINGS. If you are using a "POP3" email application, the basic settings are: * Incoming mail server (POP3) -
* Outgoing mail server (SMTP) -

Other Email Settings Office 365 Help From GoDaddy

  1. Setting up android
  2. Setting up "black berry"
  3. Setting up "apple mail "

If you are setting up a gmail account with our affordabledomains webmail accounts

incoming -
outgoing 1 -
alternate outgoing "pop3" -

We've made some big changes to our Workspace email based on customer feedback. You'll enjoy much faster, more reliable email and a lot less spam. Along with that, we're reducing the base number of mailboxes on our Unlimited Email plans from 10 to 5. If you're using more than 5 mailboxes on your plan, you'll be billed for each extra box when your plan comes up for renewal.

These infrastructure and pricing changes won't impact your current device or email client settings. We're taking care of everything in the background. And you'll continue to enjoy the benefit of unlimited email storage.

This is a great time to review your email setup and reduce or consolidate your inboxes:

Take a moment to look your email account over and see if you'd like to make any changes before your plan renews.

live support session

Affordable Web Sites offers live support for your current website project. We will complete any task requested by you during this LIVE session within the time frame allotted. These LIVE sessions are for those clients that DO NOT have ANY maintenance plans.

It's as simple as 1-2-3

1. You schedule the time you want to meet.
2. After we have connected for that meeting, you pay for that session.
3. We complete as much as we can during that 30 or 60 minute session.


A 30 minute session is $30.00


A 60 minute session is - $50.00


Services includes any service that we provide within our company.

live support session

Q), I have a maintenance plan, do I have to pay extra for this service?
A). You have LIVE support that is included in your plan, review your plan to see how many sessions it includes.

Q), Who primarily is this service for?
A). Any existing client that want a variety of things done to their project at one time. If your request is more detailed and would take longer than a 45 minute LIVE session, we'll let you know in advance.

Q). How do I schedule an appointment?
A). Simple, either call 478-922-8979 or request an appointment here

Q). Do I prepay for this session?
A). NO, you pay within 5 minutes of the the time you connect with a tech. When you schedule a request, just include a brief summary of what will be done.

Q). What if the work I want to complete exceeds the time i have scheduled?
A). You have the option of extending the session(if no one is directly behind you) by paying for another session or choosing another LIVE session time.


Affordable Websites Uses Images From The Following Sources

To prevent copyright infringement, we do not use any public domain images. We use images from the following sources, if any image that was emailed to us from a free subscription is a copyrighted image, we will immediately remove it from our website upon notification by email at, phone 478-922-8979 or by snail mail - PO Box 1531, Warner Robins, GA 31099. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR COPYRIGHTED IMAGES RECEIVED FROM A FREE SUBSCRIPTION/SITE.

Our Main Paid Source For Images

  1. Paid Subscription From Graphics Stock
  2. Paid Images From iStock Photo
  3. Paid Images From

Additional FREE Source For Images

Billing Policy

17). Payment For Services – We prefer payments to be made online via PayPal using a major credit card or a PayPal account. Alternate payment methods include Money Orders, Western Union and Business Checks. All services are placed on hold or on a temporary server for verification until business checks clear.  All returned checks would incur a $30 service fee.

We require a payment for services whether services are complete or not if those services exceed 3 business days.

18). Hosting Payments - Managed Hosting Payments are normally on a scheduled payment system through PayPal. THE CONSULTANT will process all other hosting payments manually if we have a valid credit card on file. Basic hosting payments are normally made directly to our partner .

19). Modification Deposits - Deposits for modifications may not be required for clients that we have a successful payment relationship with. Modifications that require assistance from one of our partners or custom programming will require a deposit before work can begin. Payments are due for services within 48 hours after the work is completed. You have those 48 hours to verify the completed work.

20). Credit Cards On File - If we have a valid credit cards on file for you, we will charge Credit Cards we have on file for modifications. Translation, THE CONSULTANT will not charge your card for any reason without permission.

21). Late Payments - Payments for any services are considered late after 10 days. A late fee may be assessed if account is late more than 10 days. We may not complete any additional work for accounts that are past due more than 10 days. All returned checks would incur a $30 service fee.
Product/Service Renewals

22). All account renewals (digital certificates, third party accounts, email accounts, blogs, etc.) are the responsibility of THE CLIENT. THE CONSULTANT can automatically renew any service for you if we have a valid credit card on file.

If your credit card cannot be billed for services, we will notify you to receive a replacement. If any of the services that are billed to your credit card expires due to an invalid credit card, we will make another attempt within 5 days. If after 5 days the credit card on file still cannot be processed and the item expires, we reserve the right to charge an additional minimum fee of $45 to restore any expired accounts due to billing.



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