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If you are one of the thousands of black women authors out there, you already know how difficult it can be to get noticed. Even if you have invested in your own website, getting found is one of the biggest challenges in today’s tough market.

Get Listed & Become Famous

If you have the talent and the will to make it big with your writing skills, is the perfect platform to help you catapult your career. You can not only showcase your books, you can also get listed as one of the featured black women writers. The website, backed by online marketing and website development experts, offers multiple packages to help promote your books and profile.
Even if you are a beginner author, looking to make a name in the industry, you can find affordable plans to start with. Then there is a Free Posting plan to help all the black women authors who want to get a feel of the website.

Benefits of Getting Listed

Every year hundreds of great books by black women authors go unnoticed because they don't know how to promote their work. helps you overcome this barrier. It provides you listing services with all the essential online marketing strategies to help your book get found and you to become famous.
Some of the key features of choosing their promotional plans include social media posting, website creation, social exchange page creation, getting books listed on sale page, front page listing, and much more. It is worth knowing that is a high-authority website and getting listed further helps boost your book and name’s SEO value.

Get Your Books Listed

When it comes to selling books, even famous black women authors know how hard it can be to find space on top platforms. This website again addresses this concern by providing a popular platform for listing books from black sisters. You can have your Amazon or other online marketplace listing directly added on The website generates massive volume of traffic from your targeted demographics. This means increasing the number and chances of sales on your sales pages.
Thus, there are many advantages of getting listed on this website created specifically for black women authors to promote their work. Whether you choose a free or paid plan, everything has been designed to help you break the barriers. So if you are finding it hard to sell your books, this is the perfect place to get listed.


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