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Black Women Authors - Press Release

BlackWomenAuthors.Com: A Platform for Black Women Authors to Promote their Work

June 1, 2018: Succeeding as an author is an increasingly challenging task, especially when someone is new in the field or doesn’t have the financials to publish their work. Most new black Women authors can relate to these challenges. Becoming a published author can be one thing and promoting the work can be an even bigger challenge. However, is bringing big changes in this arena by providing the perfect promotional platform for new and well-established authors to reach out to their readers.

What Does The Website Offer? allows Women black authors from all backgrounds and with all financial abilities to list their books. The website has been in existence for years and has a high ranking in the major search engines and directories. It is part of a large, BBB Accredited company that includes several other website brands. The company spokesperson shed light on what it offers for the targeted authors, “We are already a highly ranked website, so when you list on our pages you are getting direct access to high SERPs for our targeted keywords which are focused specifically on black Women authors.”

This website offers several listing packages, for all authors with all budgets. When asked about the packages the spokesperson elaborated, “Our basic listing package allows you to keep your work active on our website for as little as $10.40 a month. There are multiple plans and each one offers specific perks in the form of exposure levels. In fact, we even allow free listing for limited period to provide opportunity to all our sisters. Our goal is to help you become a famous black Women author.”


Social media websites have emerged as far-reaching, powerful ¬†platforms for promoting almost everything. It is just the ideal place for promoting a book or novel. This website includes social media posting as a dedicated solution to promote author works. Some of the other promotional features include press release, featured author’s page, listing in the company’s network sites, social exchange page, listing on ‘books for sale’ page, and more. The list of features an author can avail depend on the packages they choose.

“Our website has our own aggressive SEO and directory-marketing campaigns that are always going on,” the spokesperson claimed. This makes it even more important for black Women authors to maintain their listings to drive traffic and sales. It accepts books from all niches. “Whether you are specialized black Women authors romance, comedy, sci-fi, or in any other genre, we cover all the categories,” she added.

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