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December 19, 2018: There are millions of small businesses, professionals, and artists without websites because they don't have the need to invest in a multi-page site. allows anyone to have Affordable One Page Websites within their budget. This service doesn’t require such small-budget parties to invest in a big website, which can be overkill for their business or profession.

Affordable Single Page Sites

“We have been in the web designing and development industry from the very beginning, and we have always seen that there is a huge segment that can do perfectly with One Page Websites,” claims BudgetWebsitePackages’ spokesperson.
The advantages of having One Page Mobile Websites go beyond the price factor. They are more user-friendly and easier to maintain. The load speed is relatively faster and this design eliminates clutter with its simplicity.
“Analytics show that a single page website usually has better conversion rates too,” the spokesperson added.

Easier Maintenance Means Long-Term Affordability

According to the spokesperson, “Not only is the initial investment low for Budget One Page Websites, the lower cost of maintenance further reduces the cost of ownership.”
This is because it is much easier to make changes to the website. Website owners and developers can work together to make updates to further increase traffic and conversion rates. There is no need to go through complex and time-consuming processes, which is the case with multi-page websites.
Setting up a new single-page site is also easier and faster. The page can be customized to owner specifications on a small budget. The design and development team can focus on delivering immersive and consistent user experience to increase engagement levels.

Affordable Responsive Design

Designing a responsive multi-page website has been known to be slightly expensive. However, designing responsive One Page Mobile Websites is much more affordable. Since there is only a single page and a few select images that need to be rendered on the screen, there is lesser coding. “Single-page sites are also easier to navigate. All it requires is scrolling down to find the required information,” added the spokesperson.
The lack of multiple pages further adds to multi-device compatibility. Affordable One Page Websites offer uniform user experience across all devices.
So anyone looking to have an affordable website without the need for multiple pages will find to be the perfect place for developing their site. The experts have decades of experience and provide total web presence services – from domain service to hosting to development to online marketing and everything between.


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