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OnWatchTV: A New Video Streaming Channel All Set to Launch This Month

August 8, 2021: The global video streaming market is expanding like anything. New players are always entering this market providing increasingly innovative solutions. OnWatchTV is the latest entrant in this segment, providing access to a wide range of content genres including Music, comedy, documentaries, lifestyles, Live events, drama, sports, and more. The global market was sized at over $50b billion a year ago. It is expected to grow at 21% (CAGR) for the next 8 years and reach a staggering size.

The New Entrant – Making a Difference

OnWatchTV will be streaming on Firestick and Roku video streaming. The team is currently all set to launch its platform to go live. When contacted, the company spokesperson gave some insights into the new launch, “We are preparing aggressively to launch our platform by mid-August. Our patrons will be able to access a world of content types. This includes comedy, music, lifestyle, documentaries, drama, live events, sports, and more. Our platform is meant to be a complete entertainment hub.”
The new video streaming channel strives to provide affordable entertainment to its viewers. Thus, it is expected that some lucrative price packages may be offered.

Special Introductory Offers

The company has invited viewers to check its website regularly for the launching event. Many viewers stand the chance to win some free offers. Users are also invited to follow the platform’s Instagram account. While some can get an invite to join, many others can get special ‘Thank You’ gifts.
“There are many freebies for a number of viewers to enjoy. We invite everyone to keep visiting our website and follow us on Instagram,” the spokesperson said.

Content & Creatives

The new channel has content for all kinds of viewers. Besides the diversity in content type, it also has expansive creatives. “Our channel and creatives have been under test for some time. We already have received many praises during this phase. Some of the words that we have been regularly hearing include fun, interesting, exciting, lit, refreshing, and positive among others. We are eagerly waiting for the launch to show everyone the great content we have to offer,” the spokesperson exclaimed.
The company has laid a special emphasis on the word ‘diversity’ during the promotion of its channel. It is expected that this could mean much more than just the diversity in content.

Roku & Firestick

Roku video streaming and Firestick video streaming platforms are widely popular and continue to grow at a staggering rate. They allow users to download streaming services onto the devices similar to how apps can be installed on smartphones. From prerecorded to live content, users can watch their favorite programs, movies, and other content. Amazon and Roku together lead the global streaming devices segment with over 60% market share.
New technologies are driving major changes in this market. While users can watch a greater volume of content, the quality of videos has also improved dramatically. All these factors are expected to contribute significantly to improving the user experience. With OnWatchTV entering this market, it is expected to add greater value to it.
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