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The Discovery Tree Sets the Standard for Daycare Facilities

Studies have repetitively demonstrated how children, starting from ages 3 months, can benefit from early entrance to the daycare environment. The right educational child care program that includes quality structure, instruction, and social lessons can speed up early development and improve a child’s performance in studies. The Discovery Tree is one such Springfield pre school that meets these optimal requirements for an educational and care facility.
So, how does this institution and its programs help young children? Find out in this guide.

Introduction to Routine Activities & Schedule

Your child is required to follow a fixed schedule every day at the daycare. There are structured times for different activities, including:

  • Playing
  • Eating
  • Napping

There are fun activities for kids who are slightly older and this helps stimulate intellectual development and growth. Once your child has spent time in such a structured environment, they will learn to behave with similar principles at home. They will not only crave for a structure in their later lives, they will want to create a routine.
Bringing this structure can especially be beneficial for parents who find it hard to feed their children. At The Discovery Tree, children aged 13 months and older get breakfast, beverages, and snacks as per the guidelines laid down by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Thus, your child will not only be properly fed, they will also get used to timely feeding.

Behavioral Improvement

The Discovery Tree has branches across Pennsylvania, this includes Lansdowne, Springfield, Crum Lynne and Clifton Heights pre school. Some of its key features include:

  • Daily outdoor play
  • Educational curriculum
  • Keystone Stars Quality Program

Studies have also shown that kids who attend such quality childcare programs develop better behavioral patterns. Your child will learn social skills due to regular interaction with other children and instructors. This is something they cannot learn at home or in facilities that don’t have a high-quality program and structured environment.
Your child will develop problem solving skills. This will further help reduce the chances of developing peer-related challenges in the future. Studies further show that this can also improve your child’s cognitive and emotional development.

Academic Benefits

The Crum Lynne pre school follows a structured curriculum developed according to the state guidelines. According to the NICHD, children going to daycare show better cognitive and language development during the first 4 years of their life. Other studies show that formal daycare programs like these improve mathematical and reading skills.

About The Discovery Tree

When it comes to choosing the right Lansdowne pre school, it is important to select one that is certified, has a proven program, and is run by childcare specialists. The Discovery Tree is owned and managed by Carrie Zwiercan who has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. With over 15 years of experience and the industry, she has developed childcare programs that stand out from the crowd. The personnel providing care to your children at the facility are also certified professionals and have undergone extensive background check. Online surveillance facility for parents, ideal locations throughout the region, and monitored meals program are just some of the key features of this outstanding daycare facility.


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