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This Page Was Last Modified Wed, September 28, 2022

Your Workspace to Microsoft 365 email move was successful.

One or more of your domains have successfully transferred to Microsoft 365. We're taking care of transferring your old emails and contacts, with no downtime for you. It may take up to 48-hours before all your older emails are transferred over, but they're all on their way. That's it for most people. If you normally sign in using a web browser, you'll need to sign in using this link going forward. You should probably bookmark it.

For paid Workspace accounts, you'll continue paying the same price* you did before.

For free accounts, you've got a 4 Month free trial.** You'll only be billed if you decide to continue using the product. If you do, please visit the product dashboard to indicate this before expiration.

Upon migrating to Microsoft 365, there'll be a few changes to some of your mailboxes.

Microsoft 365 doesn't support 100 or 500-box packs, so your emails will be converted to single email boxes. Any unused email credits will not be auto-renewed and will be removed from your account if they aren't set up or auto-renewal isn't turned on before the renewal date.

You can activate an email credit before 02/08/2023 for a discount on these email boxes.

It's time to take action if you're using an email client to access your email.

This includes people who use clients like Outlook, Apple Mail or a phone app to access their inbox. You'll need to follow these steps to keep access to your email.

If you want the fast track to using all the new features that come with Microsoft 365, our Guides have your back with this learning series. And that's all there is to it. You're good to go, enjoy your newer, better, email. By using the services or logging in, you agree to our Universal Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Microsoft 365 Term of Use. If you do not agree to these terms or don't want your services migrated, you will need to cancel your services. If you've still got questions, check out our FAQ.


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