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Jamaica United Relief Association: Making the World a Better Place for the Less Fortunate

The world is a difficult place to live, but there are organizations like Jamaica united relief association (JURA) that make it a better place for the less fortunate. The association, founded in 1985, is always raising funds and supporting health, educational, and social services causes throughout Jamaica.

Caribbean Oriented Services

JURA’s Caribbean oriented services cover a wide range of areas. It has donated over $0.45 million worth of medical equipment so far. It played an important role in the aftermath of hurricane Andrew by providing emergency community relief.
The list of Jamaica helpful events is too long to be listed in a place. The association has also made contributions to the Ministry of Health of Jamaica. Over the years, JURA has both coordinated and provided assistance in moving critically ill people to the United States for treatment that may not be available in Jamaica.

Scholarship Program

Jamaica outreach programs also extend in the field of education. It runs a number of scholarship programs including the following:

  • Haitian Diaspora Community Development Scholarship
  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Joan Seaga-Gonzalez Scholarship for Excellence in Arts and Culture

JURA’s scholarship programs are renewable awards, which are provided up to 3 years. This helps support students throughout their secondary education program. Again, the educational support programs are also focused on the less fortunate students. The association makes it easy for individuals to apply for scholarships through its website.

Supporting the Homeless

Jamaica united relief is also engaged in feeding the homeless in multiple locations. This has also been part of its continuous service program similar to its scholarships. Regular feeding services are provided at Miami-Dade and Broward.
Thus, JURA’s positive contributions are not just limited to Caribbean oriented services. The impact of its work can also be felt across the United States.

About the Association

JURA was founded in 1985 in South Florida. The organization’s goal is to help the less fortunate in a wide range of areas in South Florida and the Caribbean areas. In 2008, the association donated JA$1 million to the Jamaican Amateur Athletic Association. This associated was a contribution towards the development of the country’s athletic programs.
Jamaica united relief continues to be at the forefront of making changes in the lives of the less fortunate in the areas of health, education, and social services. Its growing role has often been recognized and felicitated by governments in the region.


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