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Affordable Web Sites

Domain Names Registration

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are used in various networking contexts and for application-specific naming and addressing purposes. Choosing a name for your website was once as simple as taking your companies name and registering it as a website name. With todays competition, you need to take a little extra time and research to make sure you're giving yourself an advantage. Here's where we can assist you.

Let's take the name of our company "Affordable Web Sites", we chose this name for obvious reasons, to make sure that it was a searchable name. For example, my name is George Donathan, it would be nice to just register this name back in 1996(which I did), but at that time, no one knew who I was. So I chose to register a name that would be directly associated with what I offer, "affordablewebsites".

Other names we use to display our services are:

  1. - we combined the keywords NET + PROMOTIONS.
  2. - we combined the keywords ONE + PAGE + WEBSITE + PACKAGES
  3. - we combined the keywords BUDGET + WEBSITE + PACKAGES
  4. - we combined the keywords BLACK + WOMEN + AUTHORS
  5. - we combined the keywords POSITIVE + BLACK + SISTERS
  6. - we combined the keywords POSITIVE + BLACK + BROTHERS
  7. - we combined the keywords AFFORDABLE + LANDING + PAGE
  8. - we combined the keywords WARNER + ROBINS + DIRECTORY

I did a little research to see how many times a keyword or group of keywords were searched and formed the name of our website based on that. Network solutions was the only registrar when we started, with domain names starting at $35 a year with a 2 year min. Then godaddy started offering domain name registrations for less than $20 a year. They offered a few businesses the opportunity to become partners to resell these names and our company was one of the companies that selected. Today, we are still partners with godaddy (just renewed for another 2 years).

The name of our domain registrar in partnership with godaddy is Affordable Domains. You can access this website by clicking on the image below or at

We design and develop affordable mobile websites and affordable ecommerce websites. Our Design Packages Includes Design, Hosting, Maintenance, Marketing

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