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we have been providing web site design & development, consulting, marketing, hosting, maintenance, and affordable e-Commerce solutions. Our in-house design and support team consists of qualified and degreed personnel that provide my clients with the best possible service. If the need arises where we need to get outside support, we only use full-time professional individuals and companies that are dedicated to our same goal.


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We try to get you to any destination in just 3 clicks or less. We use only professional tools and partners to design and develop your project, sometimes purchasing custom programs to fit a particular situation. We're members of our local Better Business Bureau and treat every client as our only client. Although we still display some non mobile websites on our sample page, beginning June 1, 2013, we are ONLY designing and developing mobile friendly projects.


Do It Yourself

There are a lot of site builders on the Internet that will let you build your own website. In addition, there are a few of the popular FREE services throughout the Internet. No professional can compete with any FREE service if this is your goal for your website project.

If your only goal is to establish a web presence or an extension of a social media page from facebook, linkedIn, etc. then this approach may be all you need.

Remember, if you have a competitive industry, your visitors will know the difference. There is a very good chance you will probably not get any phone calls, referrals or repeat visitors.

To find these types of websites, simply open your search engine and search for “free website.” If that’s what you want from a website, then you potentially saved yourself a bunch of money. Mission accomplished.



Hire A Friend or Relative

After 17 years in the web design business, I have fixed more of these types of projects until I stopped all together. Unless your friend or relative stays current or the technology, this is just one step up form doing it yourself.

If your friend or relative decides he/she does not want to work on web design anymore and they've created something that no one else can work on, you've really wasted money.

All joking aside, this MIGHT not be the worst option, just make sure they use standard tools or technologies just in case something has to take over for whatever reason.

Again, If your only goal is to establish a web presence or an extension of a social media page from facebook, linkedIn, etc. then this approach may be all you need.

We do not build websites, we build online businesses, there is a big difference.


Hire An Offshore Firm

There thousands of offshore designers that are qualified to complete your project. We get at least 2 partnership requests each week to use their services.

Affordable Web Sites outsourced some custom projects from 2002 to 2009. We discontinued this practice in 2009 due to the increase concern for security, privacy and efficiency.

Since we back up our project 100%, it became harder to stand by any custom projects that were not controlled in-house.

Affordable Web Sites neither endorses or disapproves of the use of any off shore developer. We prefer that our clients deal DIRECTLY with the person developing their website and not through a company with hundreds of developer.


Hire A Professional

This by far is the best solution when designing an online business. Anyone can build a website, you need a company that can build you a business. They usually have the tools, experience, and partners to handle your initial and future needs.

Affordable Web Sites has been in business since 1996. we've designed and developed over 400 projects and have stay current with the technologies from basic HTML to the current mobile designs. We've gone through the "FLASH, Netscape navigator, and AOL free disk days."

There is no need to be impressed by the number of clients a company has, be more impressed by how they treat the customers they have.

We're always ready to give you a FREE initial consultation discuss your needs. Call us 478-922-8979, if we're unable to speak with you, leave an old fashioned message and we'll call you back.


The cost of your website will be based on the size and complexity of the site required to meet your business-related needs. A one- to five-page site introducing your business and the services you offer will cost considerably less to build than one that processes purchase orders. When budgeting for web programming and design, draw up an itemized list, including the following:

  • Domain registration: Cost: $10 to $35 per year per domain.
    AWS offers new domains from as little as $1.99 for the first year.

  • Internet research and consultation: This is needed to gather your current and future plans, research your competitors for tips and develop a professional plan to proceed with the development. Cost: $50 to $150 per hour.
    AWS research and consultation services are included in all of our design packages.

  • Hosting: Fees vary considerably based on the complexity of your website, estimated traffic and security requirements.
    Shared host, $8 to $50 per month
    Virtual private server, $25 to $250 per month
    Dedicated server, $125 to $1,000+ per month.
    AWS offers basic shared hosting from $6.50per month and managed hosting from $30.00 per month.

  • Graphics: Unless you have existing graphics, including a company logo, you need to use stock art or pay a graphic artist. Don't even consider using images found from a google search.
    Royalty-free stock art, starting at about $10 per image;
    Graphic artist, $50 to $150 per hour.
    AWS recommends using iStock photo and other credible image sites.

  • Content development: Content development usually starts with you, it's easy to develop your own content for your company. But professional copy-writing services can help. Cost: $50 to $85 per hour.
    Content management system configuration and implementation: CMS makes your site easier to populate, maintain and update. Cost: $10-$50 per month or flat rates of $250-$500.
    AWS offers a sophisticated CMS system from $10 a month



  • Programming and/or third-party application fees: Programming includes online forms, e-commerce and CRM tools, as well as custom components necessary for your site to deliver what your business model calls for. Cost: $75 to $125 per hour and/or flat fees or rates for use of third-party applications. If you insist on building your site in Flash, expect to pay 25 percent to 50 percent more.
    AWS custom programming services are just $60 per hour and hasn't changed in 7 years.

  • Usability testing: Cost: $35 to $50 per hour (plan for at least half-hour per page).
    AWS does not charge for usability testing it's included in all design packages.

  • Analytics: Google Analytics is free, and it's quick and easy to install. More robust analytics tools vary in price. Cost: $50 to $85 per hour to set up and configure Google Analytics or other programs; $50 to $5,000+ monthly fees for more robust systems.
    AWS does not charge for setting up google analytics, it's included in all design packages.

  • Blog: Adding a blog to your website or separately is an additional cost to consider. Cost: $500 to $2,500 first-time setup including graphic design, programming and configuration.
    Because most web programming services are ultimately billed at an hourly rate, the total cost of your website hinges on the site's size and complexity.
    AWS does not charge for setting up a basic blog, it's included in all design packages.

  • Social Media Setup and/or integration: Adding your social media to your website or separately is an additional cost to consider. Cost: $75 to $125 first-time setup including configuration and integration.
    AWS does not charge for setting up your social network into your web design, it's included in all design packages.





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Hosting, Domain Registration: GoDaddy, Affordable Domains, AIT, Hostgator.


Marketing Partners: Web CEO, Constant Contact, Emarketing University.


Ecommerce Partners: Authorize.net, Paypal, Product Cart, Big Commerce.


Additional Partners: Total training, LogoDesigns, Vista Print, iStock Photo, SurrealCMS, Hixco, Adobe.