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we have been providing web site design & development, consulting, marketing, hosting, maintenance, and affordable e-Commerce solutions. Our in-house design and support team consists of qualified and degreed personnel that provide my clients with the best possible service. If the need arises where we need to get outside support, we only use full-time professional individuals and companies that are dedicated to our same goal.

With over a billion smart phones shipped last year and the sales of smart devices growing at a rapid rate, it is claimed that by 2015, more mobile users will be surfing the web than desktop users. If you already don’t have a mobile website, it is time to invest in an affordable mobile site to reach out to more of your target audience.

Mobile Website Solutions at Affordable Prices….

We bank upon the skills and experience of our highly qualified web designers and developers to deliver world class e-Commerce solutions to our clients. Besides, we have a channel of partners in the domains of hosting, website maintenance and marketing to ensure that your goals are always met. We have designed and developed hundreds of affordable web sites to help our clients tap the vast potential that the mobile browsing environment offers today. We don’t want you to judge our web services and solutions through the number of clients we have, but by the level of customer service that we offer.

Ask About Our Budget Package...from $500

This package is the exact same package we've provide since we opened our doors in 1996.

Ecommerce Website Solutions
With the Internet revolution taking the world by storm, more and more people are shopping online. Whether you already have a website or not, it is most important that your e-commerce site is easily found by your target audience. This is where AffordableWebsites.Net comes into the picture. We will not just design and develop your ecommerce website (or revamp your existing ecommerce site), our team of ecommerce website designers will ensure that your site is optimized to rank high on search engines.

Why choose us for developing your ecommerce sites?
There are many reasons why you should choose us for developing your ecommerce sites:

  • Affordable web design services
  • Improved customer base
  • Convenience and speed for customers
  • Optimized ecommerce sites

We also provide complete range of SEO and online marketing solutions to help take your site to your audience.

Hire Us
Whether you are seeking to put your mobile website or ecommerce site online, we can address your business goals by developing custom sites. Contact us at 478 922 8979 or send us an e-mail via our website, and we will be pleased to offer you an evaluation of your site needs and a quote.

Content Is King On The Internet….

Whether or not you decide to immediately take advantage of our marketing services, we create SEO optimized content to prepare your website. Our professional copywriter will take the relevant keywords that bests match your services and writer professional content for your project.




After 18 years designing and developing projects, we've heard a lot of pre-qualifying questions from all over the country. Listed below are 10 of the best questions to ask any design firm before you consider to hire them.

These questions are in no particular order

  1. Do you work full time as a design firm?
  2. Will I have any input on the overall design?
  3. What happens immediately after I hire you?
  4. How do you protect my project?
  5. Who actually works on my project?
  6. Once my project is completed, do I get a copy of my project and what is the next step?
  7. Can I make changes to my website once it is completed?
  8. How do I contact your company if I need support or maintenance?
  9. What one feature that you offer that may not be available from another design firm?
  10. Why should I hire your company?


About Web Design Rates...

If you are price shopping, be careful to look for VALUE over the lowest rate. Affordable Web Sites researches the competition constantly to make sure we offer a great value, we're not interested in providing the lowest price.

Price shopping is not a great way to pick ANY company that provides a service. Unlike say a product like an iPhone, it doesn't matter where you actually buy your iPhone because the features are exactly the same. The carrier you choose to provide SERVICE to your iPhone matters and varies.

I remember when I purchased my iPhone, i looked for 3 months at various vendors and finally got a last minute deal at one of the local big box stores for about $70 less than through my carrier. I am sure the iPhone purchased at the big box store would be the exact same item if purchased from apple themselves. The difference in my purchase is that I got better VALUE with the carries I chose.

If you give 3 designers the EXACT same tools to work with, you'll get 3 different variations of a design. Every client that we have worked with has received much more features and service than we agreed to provide. We are professionals, we have the tools to complete your request, if we don't we won't accept the assignment.

If you are looking for a $200 website, we suggest you contact an offshore company, a friend or relative or just do it yourself using one of the many site builders available on the web.

Personally, if this is your FIRST website project, consider exactly why what you are actually doing. You are starting a business to sell a product or provide a service sometimes competition with much larger companies, wouldn't want that first experience to be completed using the best tools and service you can afford?

Items That Your Can Price Shop On...

  1. Domain names - It really doesn't matter where you initially purchase them from. If you become dissatisfied with one registrar, you can always transfer to another.
  2. SSL Certificates - Advances in technology have narrowed the differences in the name brand certificates to the other lesser names. Smaller companies can get by using a certificate issued by godaddy, there is o need to get a full blown verisgn certificate at this time.

Items That Your Cannot Price Shop On...

  1. Design - This is a service and should be determine by features and value.
  2. Hosting - Some companies cram up to 500 accounts or more on one server.
  3. Maintenance - This is another service and should be determine by features and value
  4. Marketing - This is another service and should be determine by features and value
  5. Training - This is another service and should be determine by features and value



Do It Yourself

There are a lot of site builders on the Internet that will let you build your own website. In addition, there are a few of the popular FREE services throughout the Internet. No professional can compete with any FREE service if this is your goal for your website project.

If your only goal is to establish a web presence or an extension of a social media page from facebook, linkedIn, etc. then this approach may be all you need.

Remember, if you have a competitive industry, your visitors will know the difference. There is a very good chance you will probably not get any phone calls, referrals or repeat visitors.

To find these types of websites, simply open your search engine and search for “free website.” If that’s what you want from a website, then you potentially saved yourself a bunch of money. Mission accomplished.


Hire A Friend or Relative

After 18 years in the web design business, I have fixed more of these types of projects until I stopped all together. Unless your friend or relative stays current or the technology, this is just one step up form doing it yourself.

If your friend or relative decides he/she does not want to work on web design anymore and they've created something that no one else can work on, you've really wasted money.

All joking aside, this MIGHT not be the worst option, just make sure they use standard tools or technologies just in case something has to take over for whatever reason.

Again, If your only goal is to establish a web presence or an extension of a social media page from facebook, linkedIn, etc. then this approach may be all you need.

We do not build websites, we build online businesses, there is a big difference.

Hire An Offshore Firm

There thousands of offshore designers that are qualified to complete your project. We get at least 2 partnership requests each week to use their services.

Affordable Web Sites outsourced some custom projects from 2002 to 2009. We discontinued this practice in 2009 due to the increase concern for security, privacy and efficiency.

Since we back up our project 100%, it became harder to stand by any custom projects that were not controlled in-house.

Affordable Web Sites neither endorses or disapproves of the use of any off shore developer. We prefer that our clients deal DIRECTLY with the person developing their website and not through a company with hundreds of developer.

Hire A Professional

This by far is the best solution when designing an online business. Anyone can build a website, you need a company that can build you a business. They usually have the tools, experience, and partners to handle your initial and future needs.

Affordable Web Sites has been in business since 1996. we've designed and developed over 400 projects and have stay current with the technologies from basic HTML to the current mobile designs. We've gone through the "FLASH, Netscape navigator, and AOL free disk days."

There is no need to be impressed by the number of clients a company has, be more impressed by how they treat the customers they have.

We're always ready to give you a FREE initial consultation discuss your needs. Call us 478-922-8979, if we're unable to speak with you, leave an old fashioned message and we'll call you back.


Leave Web Design to the Real Pros...

With plenty of website builder services to choose from, it’s easier now than ever before to effectively set up your own website. But is that the best move? 

It’s often a matter of money. Why pay someone else when the GoDaddy(s) of the world allow you to build your own website for super cheap (with domains, hosting, support, etc.)?

It wouldn’t be a good use of our time to get into downgraded hosting times using a shared server; let's not discuss problems, let’s find solutions. To start, here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a Web design company instead of using a do-it-yourself website builder.  


Your website is the face of your company. Instead of traditional storefronts, many consumers like to experience the compact ones on our computers or mobile devices. Your website is your salesperson—someone to personally greet your customers as they walk through your virtual door. 

What this salesperson is wearing, HOW they speak about your company, and WHAT they say are completely up to you. This idea is often lost when businesses are trying to set up their own website. They become more concerned with putting every service/product they offer on the homepage of a site. 

The purpose of your site shouldn’t be to add anything. There’s a certain amount of professionalism that needs to be maintained with your brand and aligned with the goals of your site.


How your site works is just as important as its content. Misleading, or dead links, can lead to a disappointing user experience (UX) directly reflecting on the quality of the services you provide. The two may be unrelated to you, but to a customer they’re one in the same.

There are a number of UIs that need to be accounted for when building a site, but there’s also YOUR experience. You’re stuck using a generalized system that has been created to perform a number of tasks for all different kinds of people in all different lines of business. This can complicate the process of updating your site, and once that becomes a hassle for you, it’s pretty easy to fall off the grid and stop maintaining your site altogether.


In its most basic description, a responsive website allows your content to adjust its layout based on your user’s viewing platform—whether it’s a desktop, tablet or mobile device. 

When not properly configured, it can render your site unusable on some devices - hiding navigation items behind links, images running off the screen and more.


The Internet can be a shameful place full of people trying to get you to fall for their cheap trick. When you open up yourself to the world of working on the Web, you tend to get more than you signed up for. Fake domain renewals, information about security protocols, and problems with hosting can leave you scratching your head while spending hours online trying to track down, “whatever this is!” You may also be tempted to invest money where its least beneficial to you. Google AdWords sounds like a great idea to drive more traffic to your site, but with poor organic search rankings, you could be spending twice as much.  



There are people who like to do everything themselves, and people who realize the value of having the right people in place. A business owner shouldn’t be wasting resources on trying to learn HTML, image galleries or how to set up a website. Their focus should be on growing the business.

We know that time is money, and it comes down to this question, “How much is your time worth?” If your time is truly best spent learning how to code a website so you can save some cash, your website visitors are going to have to enjoy your first attempt at a website build—like a crayon drawing hanging up on the side of a fridge. 


You can find just about everything you need for your site from code snippets, cool plugins and JavaScripts, to large images and type treatments. If you’re not technologically savvy, you could still run into problems reading through instructions on how to implement this particular piece of code on your site.

Photo galleries, and a lot of other common website modules, are not built from scratch anymore. You don’t need to head to your library and check out a book on, "Javascript Image Galleries.” The Internet is filled with shortcuts and chunks of reusable code that you’re more than welcome to use on your site. Finding them however, could be time consuming. And understanding how it needs to integrate with your site could be even worse. Which again begs the question, what is your time worth?


Nothing like sitting on hold for an hour with a major tech company like, Network Solutions, trying to find out why things on your site are not lining up correctly. Or digging through hundreds of support forums on Google trying to find that one person who's having the same issue you are. 

Most Web companies will assign your account a project manager. Someone whose job it is to keep you happy, help solve problems and know exactly what you're talking about because they've already worked with your site. They know you, you know them and maybe you even get a nice little Christmas card.

The Solution

Find a Web team you can work closely with and get to know. In this digital age, it's a struggle for Web companies to keep up with the latest and greatest offerings. You can't be expected to—YOU have a business to run! 

The good news, smaller Web design companies exist. It’s not the world of $50,000-plus websites out there anymore. You can find a smaller, reasonably priced company, to build a relationship with for years to come. Teams that can serve as your media advisors who understand your needs, and can guide you in the right direction.

I suggest a service like Sortfolio.com for locating Web design companies within your price range. I'd say, "within your area" as well, but with services like Google Hangout, Skype and more — it's just as easy to video chat and screen share, as it is to collaborate in person. Find a team you're comfortable working with instead of basing it singularly on price. You're interviewing them. Find a Web company that best suits your needs, and take advantage of the online marketing world that has opened up for your business.




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